UIL prep clinic and performance

Don’t forget….students in Concert, Philharmonic, Sinfonietta, and Honors will be performing at the annual UIL orchestra competition next month.  We have been hard at work on these pieces, and will continue to work on polishing them for the contest throughout February.  Each orchestra has a mandatory prep clinic that students must attend in order to be eligible to perform.

Concert Philharmonic prep clinic:  February 23rd from 4pm-7pm.

Sinfonietta prep clinic:  February 24th from 1pm-4pm.

Honors prep clinic:  February 24th from 9am-12:30pm.

These clinics will be taught by Ms. Ruth Kurtis, one of the founders of the MISD orchestra program!  Ms. Kurtis will be polishing and tweaking the performance in her own unique way, so it is imperative that every performer is at these clinics for their orchestra.  This cannot be made up, so please make certain your student will be in attendance for their entire session.

See you soon!