Costume party 10/26

Our annual costume party is coming soon!  Friday, 10/26 3:45-5:00PM and kids can wear their costumes.  Students can bring their costume and change into it after school.  Students cannot wear their costume to school the day of the party, so please be sure your student understands that.  We will have time for games and time for food, and of course, the costume contest!  Please plan on a 5:00PM pickup when the party is over.  Thank you!!

Here are the costume guidelines:

Weapons (even fake) are never allowed

-No blood/gore

-No fake wounds

Dress code is still enforced

-No scary clowns

Since this is an AFTER SCHOOL party, we are allowing masks, but when dressing up for Halloween next Wednesday, be aware that masks are not allowed in school on that day.