Orchestra updates 1/15/2020

Hello Orchestra Family! Lots of important information for you today- please read carefully and let us know if you have questions.

  1. HOTMAIL email: right now McKinney ISD is unable to send any mail to Hotmail accounts (and we’ve had the problem in the past with Yahoo as well). We can receive email from you, you just won’t see a response from us. Our district techies have done all they can, and the problem is on Hotmail’s side. Please add an alternate email into your HAC and CHARMS accounts so that you can continue receiving communication from us and all of your child’s teachers. We are crossing fingers that those of you with Hotmail accounts will get the message to check our website for this information because we do not have time to look you all up and call you individually! J
  • PANCAKE PLAY-A-THON performance at the MOBC fundraiser breakfast is next Saturday 9-12. This performance is a summative grade. Details on THIS SHEET are coming home today and individual time slots will be ready by next week. This is an event where students may leave after their individual performance, but we encourage you to buy some pancakes and stay to enjoy others’ music!
  • SOLO & ENSEMBLE CONTEST is the following Saturday Feb. 1 at Faubion between 8-3. This is also a summative grade. Tons of details are coming home next week, but the short story is that everyone will receive a specific 5 minute time slot to play for a judge, and will leave once they’re done. If you have another obligation that day, we can request a time slot that will not conflict. If you need to request a particular time to avoid another mandatory activity, please submit the following to Ms. Brown nbrown@mckinneyisd.net no later than this Friday Jan. 17 at noon:
  • Name of student
  • Type and location of conflicting activity
  • TIME of conflicting activity 
  • (For example: Suzy Smith has a church Confirmation Class in Frisco starting at 2:00 PM.)

Ms. Brown will submit this information to the contest organizers and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

  • EYS CONCERT VIDEO– Order forms are now available! This is a one-time offer so if you want a DVD of our awesome concert with Mark Wood back in December, now is your ONLY chance to get one! We are sending the hard copy order forms home today, and it is HERE for your convenience. Note that Evans Orchestra is the one collecting payment since they are the ones coordinating the DVD printing. Any proceeds will come back to CMS. J Send all order forms and money to school with your child or drop at the CMS front office.