Orchestra updates

Here is a copy of the latest email we sent out via HAC and Charms. Keeping our fingers crossed that every parent has received this. If not, please contact Mr. Powelson jpowelson@mckinneyisd.net right away and we’ll get it fixed!

Hello orchestra families!  In an effort to be sure EVERYONE gets our latest information, we are sending our updates through HAC and Charms.  If you get this email twice, then CONGRATULATIONS you’re all set!!  Many of you have already updated your student’s Charms account, but several have not and it’s crucial that we get those accounts updated so we only need to send updates through one platform.  If you did not get the email with instructions on how to login to your student’s Charms account, those instructions are at the end of this email.  There’s also a video demonstration.  

Our updates for today are on video!  Please visit the link below to see and learn more about what we need from you at this time:

There’s a lot going on!  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Charms login instructions are right here:

Hello orchestra parents! 

Due to the unique situation we’re in for starting this year, we are going to be utilizing our Charms student management system much more than in previous years.  Usually we use Charms for mass communication and that’s about it, since it’s much easier to use than HAC or Canvas.  Canvas is great, but emailing parents and students is a rather time consuming process and we really want to have student and parents receiving our weekly orchestra info.   

EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO LOGIN TO THEIR STUDENT’S CHARMS ACCOUNT.  I am attaching documents that explain more in detail how to do this, but here’s the nuts and bolts of what you need:

Go to https://www.charmsoffice.com/

Click “login” in the upper right corner

Click “parents/students/members”

For school code, enter COCKRILLMSORCH

Enter your student’s 6 digit MISD student ID number (all earlier passwords have been reset!)

After that, it will prompt you to enter a new password.  PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THE PASSWORD as we will not have access to it. 

After you’re logged in, click UPDATE INFO

On that page, that is only STUDENT INFO.  Please fill out ADDRESS, STUDENT CELL PHONE, and STUDENT EMAIL.  Would prefer the student email address to be their MISD student email address.  Also, please fill out the T-SHIRT SIZE

After ANY update, click the green “UPDATE” button in the upper right corner.  Otherwise it will not save!

Next, click ADD NEW ADULT.  I don’t need address info, but I do need at least EMAIL 1 filled out.  Don’t forget to click the GREEN UPDATE button or it will not save. 

Add any adults who need to receive regular orchestra updates.  We send weekly emails to remind you about upcoming events or for news updates. 

Once you’ve added all the student and parent info, you’re done!  I have found it’s easier to do all this on a computer or tablet; doing these updates on a phone can be a challenge. 

I made a short video showing how to get logged into Charms – you can view it here:

More information will be coming about beginner instrument pickup along with supply and binder pickups.  In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions!

Mr. Powelson and Mr. Salazar