Buying an instrument?

There are many companies today that produce and sell string instruments.  Many are reputable and sell quality instruments that would be appropriate to learn upon, however there are many companies that sell inferior quality instruments.  Those inferior instruments are often called “violin shaped objects” or VSOs for short.  Please, avoid purchasing a VSO despite the initial savings!!  Sure, you can buy a violin online for $50 or less, but those instruments are almost always inferior in every way possible.  The price to make a VSO playable for a student often can be 3-10 times what you originally paid for the instrument.

Learning to play a stringed instrument is difficult enough, buying a low quality instrument just adds to the difficulty and frustration for the student!  Even as a teacher, it is very difficult for us to help your child produce a decent tone when the instrument is difficult to use.

Check out the attachment from Shar music.  ParentsGuidetoVSO They have summarized the differences between an affordable quality instrument and a VSO.  On the surface, they look like a violin.  They have all the parts of a violin.  However, playing on one is frustrating and even painful!!

Before purchasing an instrument, please consult us and we will be glad to help you find an instrument for your child that will fit your budget and your child’s needs.