Charms Login Instructions

Charms Office is a database that Fine Arts Directors in McKinney use to help manage inventory, library, finances, student and parent contact information, etc. Much of our communication will come to you through the Charms database, therefore it is crucial that each student’s profile is accurate.

School Code: CockrillMSOrch
Password:  Student ID (see below)

Click on the parent login tab, and enter the school code above.  Your initial password is your student’s MISD six digit ID#.  Once you login for the first time, Charms will prompt you to change the password.  If you have forgotten or lost that password, please email us and we will reset it for you.

Please be sure your home address is correct, along with parent phone numbers.  Also, we need to have student school information there as well, including elementary and high school information.  High school directors use that data for planning ensembles in the future based on instrumentation.