Practice Resources

Every Orchestra Student needs to practice their instrument at home daily for best results. At the very least, repeat what was worked on in class that day. Accuracy is more important than speed!

Practice with YouTube!

Click here for the YouTube channel with the drones and concert music.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO USE THESE!! 

These are the same drones we use everyday in class.  Plus, there are practice videos with new and old class music as well.  Use them with headphones or just the speaker on your phone.  Or a bluetooth speaker.  Or connect it to your home theater system.  Any way you use them will make you a better musician!!

Honors Orchestra – Donegal Fiddles Publisher Recording:

Note Reading

Here are some online resources that can help enhance note-reading skills: has everything from simple beginner lessons all the way up to college level Music Theory. Click on “Lessons” or “Exercises” and work on your note names, etc.

On, generate random samples of sightreading customized to your level and instrument.


There are countless apps available for download, for free and also for a price.  Here are a couple of app recommendations that we use in class:

Tonal Energy our favorite paid app.  Lots of settings, lots of features!

Pano Tuner  free tuner app.  Very easy to use.

Sometimes in contest settings, using an app on a phone is not accepted, but a standalone tuner is allowed.  We use the following tuners in class:

Korg TM-50 combo tuner  this has a metronome and a tuner combined in one unit.

Korg CA-1 tuner this is just a tuner, no metronome.

Korg Pitchclip clip-on tuner  a clip on option.

All of these tuners are available at music stores and online retailers.