Suzuki Book Information

Orchestra students who play violin, viola, or cello need to have a Suzuki solo book for their level.  The recommendations below are generic, and your child’s individual progress may not necessarily apply!  Click on the link below to view a website where you can purchase the book online.  Dallas Strings also carries these books in their showroom if you wish to visit them.

Beginner Orchestra students need Suzuki Book 1 for their instrument:

Book 1 violin
Book 1 viola
Book 1 cello

7th graders in Concert, Philharmonic, and Sinfonietta need Suzuki Book 2 for their instrument:

Book 2 violin
Book 2 viola
Book 2 cello

8th graders in Sinfonietta and Honors need Suzuki Book 3 for their instrument:

Book 3 violin
Book 3 viola
Book 3 cello

Bass students generally use the George Vance Progressive Studies book series.  Please contact Dallas Strings to purchase a copy!